Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Comfort Food

Comfort food comes in all forms.  I think we all have our favorite comfort food, but I am able to find comfort in all kinds of food.  Today was a bad day.  Not for me, I had a pretty good day, but when my kids got home from school it was obvious that for some of them it was a bad day.  I had intended to blog about the amazing dinner I made tonight.  It was so good, and reminded me of a spicy penne pasta that I had ordered not long ago from River City Grill in Sterling.  Briefly I will tell you about that dinner - but sorry no pictures because I was distracted by the bad day my kids had. 

I made a white sauce with butter, flour, and milk....but in that sauce I put onion, garlic, pepper, season salt, HOT salt, sun dried tomato and garlic pesto, green chilies, and smoked sausage.  I tossed in some penne pasta and it was amazing.  So glad I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.....but as I was cooking dinner I was distracted thinking about what I could do to treat my girls.

I grabbed a box of brownie mix and got to work.  I put a pan of brownies in to cook while we were eating dinner.  Once those brownies came out I put the extremely warm brownie into a dessert cup.  On top I put a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some chocolate sauce, and some leftover frozen Andes Mints pieces on top.  Now as I type this I hear one of my girls singing to herself.  Mission accomplished.  A little comfort food can really
 change your outlook on things. 

What is your favorite comfort food?


  1. My favorite comfort foods are baked goods. :) I know if I suddenly find myself craving doughnuts, cupcakes, banana bread, etc., I need to check my stress level!

    1. I hear ya on that one!...I love sweets and carbs so when you put them together I am happy!