Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chicken Fried Rice

Wow...this was delicious!...I usually make a beef fried rice or a ham fried rice but today I made a Chicken Fried Rice and changed my recipe just a bit.  With the rising cost of ground beef lately I have been looking for alternatives.  This recipe was a keeper - my Husband said it was almost perfect.  What would have made it perfect for him?  More eggs....well that is easy to fix.  Next time I'll put in more eggs.

Remember these?
I used them in my Egg Roll recipe.  Usually I make a homemade sweet and sour sauce as my fried rice sauce.  That recipe is also in my egg roll post.  I just use half of the water to make the fried rice less sticky and I add some garlic and Worcestershire sauce, but today I wanted a little heat. I mixed together 3/4 C. Water, 1/4 C. Sugar, 2 T. Vegetable Oil,
5 T. Soy Sauce and the two seasoning packets. 
Just look at all those flavors!
Today I used my Wok.  I don't usually get it out but my large skillet was dirty and I decided the Wok would be easier.  I cooked 1 lb. Ground Chicken in the Wok.  I did not add other seasoning because I am adding plenty with the mix I have going on already.  The chicken is lean and will tend to stick.  I used 2 T. of Olive Oil in the Wok with the chicken.  I chopped about 2 C. of Carrots.
And Scrambled 4 eggs. 
My husband said I should have scrambled 6.
Once the Chicken was cooked I added the sauce and the carrots.
The carrots cook while the sauce reduces down.  I like the carrots with a little crunch left in them, so I don't cook them all the way.  Once the Sauce is reduced and the carrots are how I like them I add
 3 C. Cooked Rice.
And the Scrambled Eggs.
And I stir it all together.
The rice is done!
The heat in this mix was just right for me.  I don't like a lot of heat so if you really like it hot you can add some crushed red pepper flakes, but this was perfect, with the crunch of the carrot, the lighter chicken instead of beef and the spicy savory sauce.  I will definitely make this one again!

Let me know what you think!  

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