Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birthday Dinner

It's my husband's Birthday...he is....well...old. In our home we allow the Birthday girl or boy to choose his or her favorite meal for dinner, and type of dessert as we do not hold to the cake tradition here, unless that is what the Birthday person wants.  Erick received a nice card and gift last week from my mother for his birthday. His choice was to go out to dinner and splurge on a steak.  The meal was expensive and the steak was just OK.   On Monday we were shopping together and saw a nice package of steaks...7 of them for less than the cost of the one steak he bought when we went out to dinner.  I bought those steaks to grill for Erick's birthday dinner tonight. 
 We had steak, baked potatoes, and salad.
It was amazing! While we were eating I asked Erick if this was better than his restaurant steak and he said "100% better" ~ and we have leftovers! For Erick's birthday dessert he chose vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanuts.  I can't show that to you because we were so full from dinner that dessert just has to wait.  The next Birthday is Helen's.  I love it when I ask Helen what she wants for her birthday because she always says...
"I like everything you make" 

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