Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken Tortellini Soup

It wasn't even cold today.  I have no idea why I was in the mood for soup. I think I had read about some Tortellini soup on another blog and I felt like I needed to have some. I didn't measure anything so sorry to all of you cooks that like to have exact measurements.  This is very similiar to what I like to do for Chicken Noodle Soup but a lot easier.  I found Chicken Breast Tenders on sale today for $2.90 per package.  And that is pretty much how the idea for this meal was born.
I diced the chicken and put it in a large stock pot.
I added 1 chopped onion and one heaping spoonfull of minced garlic.
I added 1 bunch of chopped celery and about 2 C. Cut Baby Carrots
I found these Great concentrated stock things from Knorr.
  They are about the same cost of a 32 oz can of ready made stock
and you add each pack to 3 1/2 C. water so I almost got 4 times
the stock for the same price.  It was a fun discovery for me.
Since my pot of soup was big I added 2 packs of stock
And filled the pot with water
Since I like my soup with more yummy pieces of food than broth
 I added 2 (19 oz) packages of Cheese Tortellini
I turned the heat on the stove and just let that boil away until everything was cooked.  It was about 40 minutes total.
The soup was delicious and since I made so much there will be pleanty
 for me to enjoy over the next couple of days!

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